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practical and elegant, designed

to use on a daily basis.

Made with carefully

selected materials.

They can be used

while working, traveling

or at leisure.

PU soles for maximum

lightness and comfort.

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for diabetics

Footwear designed to prevent the onset of foot problems due to diabetes and other sensitive foot problems, such as swollen feet. Or simply for people looking for comfort, convenience and quality shoes.

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the inside of the shoe

Inside the shoe, there is a sanitized breathable textile lining, assembled without seams – feature number one for a diabetic with blood supply problems in the feet (decreased sensitivity). The removable insoles that make up this model are made of PU foam injected into leather or microfiber, having the properties of being very comfortable, breathable and antifungal.
These insoles have been developed to provide correct support and stability for the foot.

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